Yes, Medicare is complicated, but our team is here to clear up some of the confusion and get you on your way.  We help you understand your options under Medicare and assist you into receiving cost-effective coverage;  Medicare Supplement,  Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) and Medicare Advantage. 

Health Insurance

The health insurance marketplace can be difficult to navigate.  Fortunately, we are happy to be your compass.  Our office continues to stay updated with the changes that affect your coverage options. 

Life Insurance

 An unforeseen sudden death isn't exactly a pleasant conversation to have. Unfortunately, it is often a reality and can financially devastate a family. 

We have a cost-effective answer. While life insurance can't alleviate emotional damage, it can lift the burden of unforeseen financial constraints. 

Critical Illness

Cancer / heart attack / stroke insurance can spare you of the financial hardship these critical illnesses cause. 

You have enough to worry about with your treatment and recovery. We can get you a policy that also helps protect against the unforeseen costs such as the cost of travel, expenses incurred from overnight hotel stays and meals, as well as unavoidable loss of wages. 

Long Term Care

 When the unexpected happens and you are no longer able to care for yourself, how will you afford care in your home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home without liquidating your assets?