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The health insurance marketplace can be difficult to navigate.  Fortunately, we are happy to be your compass.  Our office continues to stay updated with the changes that affect your coverage options.  

We have worked with the Marketplace since it started on October 1, 2013.    We certify yearly to guide people with coverage through the Marketplace and contract with the carriers available to you.  We gather your specific information to help you enroll in a Health Plan at a cost that is affordable to you based on your subsidy and provide you with information regarding the plan selected. 


Our office understands not everyone qualifies for insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  We provide options with the insurance carriers offered in your state.   We also provide alternative health plans, such as Temporary Health, for those who medically qualify. 

Own a small or large business and want to know your Health Insurance options for your employees?  We understand the cost of insurance and the coverage options you provide to your employees is very important to you.  Our office works with multiple insurance carriers and we will be happy to find cost-effective solutions.   

what you can expect from our office:

Yearly Reviews

Whether you receiving your health insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace , directly from the carrier, temporary  health insurance or though employer based group Insurance  - plans change annually.  It is essential to understand the plan changes and to be aware of the options available to you.  

We certify annually to understand these changes and we are advocates for our clients.  We help you work through the kinks of today's health insurance market and find cost-effective solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our office contracts with multiple insurance carriers to provide our clients with options.  We believe that a health insurance plan is not a one size fits all,  we work to provide options for your individual needs

A Team of Support and Service

The best part about working with us, is you have a team of support.  Our office is educated and provides our clients with guidance when they need help. 

Need help with your health Insurance? Great!

Individual Health Insurance

We have a form that you can download below. This form gathers your specific information for Health Insurance.  If you are receiving Health Insurance through the Marketplace, you will need to complete the income portion and be within the household guidelines.   

If you have any questions contact our office at (402) 352-6610 or send us a message below.  

Group Health Insurance

We have a census form that you can download below.  This form is used to gather your group information so we can find rates affordable for you and your employees.   

If you have any questions contact our office at (402) 352-6610 or send us a message below. 

download our forms

You can submit these forms back to our office by Fax:  (888) 959-3096 or E-Mail:

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