Everyone has heard of the DUCK!!  And I'm sure when you read the word, "AFLAC" you may mimic the duck's trademark "AFLAC" quack!!  While it’s an easily-recognized company, what exactly does Aflac sell? And do you need it? 

 This coverage isn’t comprehensive; it’s designed to work alongside and cover the gaps left behind by a typical health insurance policy.    This is accomplished by paying benefits directly to you, giving you a buffer to overcome the potential financial burdens of an unexpected hospital stay, illness, or accident.  

 When you make a claim against your typical insurance policy, benefits are paid out directly to the source that is owed - the hospital or doctor, for instance. While the bulk of the substantial medical bill may be paid by your insurance, you might still be left with deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses that supplemental insurance might cover. 

 The time you spend in hospital, or simply ill at home, may also result in lost wages. You might have travel costs from plane tickets or hotel lodging if you have to travel far to be seen by a specialist or to undergo surgery in a hospital known for its specialization in your condition. 

Supplemental insurance is all AFLAC does.  For over 60 years, they have focused on giving customers the best supplemental insurance experience possible, with services like  ONE DAY PAY that offer a fast response when you need your claim processed ASAP.  When a person gets sick or hurt, AFLAC pays cash benefits fast.  

What types of supplemental insurance does aflac provide?

Accident Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Hospital Insurance

great for employer based groups!


Whether you are a large or small business.  AFLAC is a great addition to the insurance products you are offering yourself and your employees.  Our office works with a dedicated AFLAC representative and who works directly with you and your employees by providing education and one-on-one meetings with your staff.  

We feel that the relationship we have with you and AFLAC is a win-win for you and your employees.  We have a dedicated AFLAC representative and we also offer our staff to help with questions and claims.  

You get a team when you get help through our office!! 

Let's get a quote for your business today!  Contact us below for more information! 

want individual coverage?

No problem!!  AFLAC offers individual products as well!  Contact us below and we will be happy to find you affordable coverage.  

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